Ahhh… isn’t the Keweenaw awesome!

This evening Sam Gardner and I decided it was time to see if we could find his “Secret Spot”. This so called “Secret Spot” is a cave above tree line in one of the cliffs here in the U.P. In one of the images below you can see that it was about 20 or so feet up from the base of the cliff and the view was pretty incredible. We got there a little late and the light was pretty shitty. Also, I forgot my tripod so we pretty much wrote this outing off as a sort of “proof of concept” adventure.

Before we found the cave the light was anything but shitty… as you can see in some of the images.

So, I always tell myself that I need to spend more time practicing and developing my writing skills and that this blog is the place to do it. However, I usually just want to share my images and type a little as possible. So, if you are interested to find out more… let me know in the comments area.

Otherwise… just enjoy the pics.

Greg OUT!

Portrait of Sam taken in my living room before we left. He is working on a project of sorts and these outings are efforts to collect imagery in support of said project.

Getting our bearings while enjoying an incredible sunset… should probably get moving a little sooner next time, as finding caves high up in a cliff proves more difficult when lacking light.

Here you can kind of get an idea of how far up the cliff the cave was… makes for an interesting descent once the lights go out.

Was hoping for an image like this… maybe next time. (this is a composite – cut out the black hole that was the sky and inserted the shot of the moon)

Checking the weather to see if the sky was going to clear up anytime soon… ain’t technology wonderful.

Quick side trip out to McLain State Park to see if the sky was any clearer over the lake… It was kinda/sorta. The fog obscured the horizon, but high above the stars were out in force.

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