More Surfing Fun on Lake Superior…

Well, the waves were pretty decent again…

I saw the forecast for today and it looked pretty promising. The wind was going to be blowing all day and the waves were forecast to start picking up in the evening. The only question was whether or not things would get good before it got dark. Yesterday after seeing the forecast I called Timmy to find out if he wanted to join me. The last time we went out I had the wetsuit and I thought that it was only fair for him to get to use the wetsuit this time. My plan was to use the drysuit I’m borrowing (thanks Sammy) and head out in the kayak. However, things did not go as planned.

When we got out to Mclain State Park we found the lake in good shape. Timmy finished putting on the suit and headed out, while I grabbed the camera to snap a few shots. I should have known better than to grab my camera. Once I started taking photos I couldn’t stop. I never did make it back to the car to unload my kayak and the images are ok, but shooting in such low light means using a higher ISO than I would prefer. With my D300 I find that much above ISO 800 and the images start getting noisier than I would like. What are you going to do… most of these images were shot at ISO 1250, F2.8, 1/200. As things got darker I just bumped the ISO and the later images got up to ISO 3200… and were still really dark, hence the conversion to black and white and some pushing around of the sliders in Lightroom.

It was a good night. I’m hoping things pick up again in the next couple of days as I would like to get out again. In the meantime enjoy the pics.


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