Cowabunga! – First Time Surfing on Lake Superior

wow… aren’t these suits attractive

Let me preface this post with…I had/have no idea what I was doing.

Now that we have that out of the way…

Wow, yesterday was a ton of fun. My friend Sam was out of town and had left his board and suit in case the conditions were such that I could get out and give it a go. So, I had been watching the weather for the last couple of days and yesterday was the day.

I started the day off by getting up early and heading out to McLain State Park a little after 7:30am. It was still dark, but I wanted to get out there and get ready so I could be in the water as soon as it was light enough as I had to be to work at 10:00. Finally around 8:00 it was light enough for me to feel comfortable getting out in the water. Standing out in the wind I was feeling a bit of a chill, but that would soon go away once I got in the water.

You would think that getting up early to go jump into water that’s in the low to mid 40’s with air temps a touch below 40 degrees isn’t the smartest thing in the world. Also, it might be hard to believe that you could be comfortable in said conditions. Well, I just want you all to know that it is smart, and you stay plenty warm.

The first couple of times I paddled out through the waves just to see what that was like. First, it is a great way to warm up. Secondly, it’s a lot of work and I found it more enjoyable to run out to the end of the breakwall and then jump in.

So a little after 9:00 I decided I needed to get out and get on my way to work. When I got to the parking lot Pete Rynes had shown up and Mike Dziobak wasn’t too far behind. I wished them well, went home, showered, dropped Mari off at school, and made it to work before 10 after 10… not bad.

Work was fun, but the waves weren’t going away. Timmy Kostner called and wondered if I was headed out again and decided to come along. I left work at 5:00 and headed home to grab a drysuit for Timmy and to put on the wetsuit… it’s a pain in the ass. We then headed back out to McLain.

When we got there Pete was just leaving and Mike was still at it. We got ready and then I made a couple of runs before Timmy gave it a go. I think not having a hood kind of deterred him from going again. He ended up leaving and I stayed out for a while longer.

In all I think I spent a little over 3 hours in the water yesterday. I didn’t get up once, but by the end I could get on all fours… but not completely stand up. It’s a lot harder than people make it look. Monday is looking like another good day. Hopefully I’ll make it out again.

Here are some pics from Timmy’s camera


Me… taking the plunge!

Some wave action…

Mikey making it look easy...

Timmy giving it a go...

Surfboards make great body boards…

This was a pretty typical scene…

Timmy and Tucker… all smiles!

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