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UPDATE: Here’s an advantage to the Cokin P-system that you might not be aware of… When the adapter ring is on Nikon’s 70-200 2.8 it doesn’t stick out very far and is almost impossible to use. You can unscrew the filter a bit and the filter holder will go on. Now what this means is that I can leave the adapter ring on and my hood will fit over it. Now you can’t use the hood and the filters at the same time, but when not using the filters I don’t have to take the adapter ring off… cool… yes it is.

Alright… now initially I was going to write a big bitchy post about how much this system sucks… but I don’t think that will be as productive as it could be.

What I am going to do is complain about all the other reviews out there. Before purchasing this setup I did some research and a lot of people were saying that the P-series holder sucked. However, they were stating why it sucked and in the meantime it appeared like they continued to use the system. I don’t see how writing a review of something and just saying it sucks helps anyone. Maybe it will make you feel better, but it’s not productive.

Now, in the face of all the poor reviews I went ahead and purchased the Cokin P-series filter holder, 77mm adapter ring, and the P121S (soft, 3 stop graduated ND). Now, I don’t expect too much from the filter. It was cheap and if I like what I see than I will invest in something made out of glass from one of those other companies.

It’s the filter holder system that’s putting a twist in my knickers. The actual holder itself is pretty decent. It didn’t cost much, it seems pretty durable, and it holds the filters securely. Not too much to complain about here except some vignetting… but I expected that… so it’s not really a fault.

The thing that sucks about this system, and I’m sure many of the other reviewers just forgot to specify this, is the adapter ring. This ring threads into your lens and creates the flange that the filter holder mounts onto. The 77mm size doesn’t consist of very much metal and the one I received was all bunged to hell and required quite a bit of “adjusting” to get it even close to being flat/true so that I could screw it onto my lenses without feeling like I was going to bung up the threads.

Now, if you are using a lens with a smaller diameter… I think you will be just fine. These adapter rings will have significantly more material which should help keep them true throughout the manufacturing/shipping process. As for using the P-series filters on lenses with a 77mm diameter… probably shouldn’t do it. You should most definitely be using the “Z-Pro” series which is 100mm and whose adapter ring should be less prone to getting bunged up. Yeah… it is more expensive, but you just paid almost $2000 for that 24-70 f2.8… remember, you get what you pay for.

So, I guess I don’t really have a beef with the Cokin filter system. I should have bought the Z-pro system, but I didn’t. I’ll play around with this and if I like it I will upgrade.

I hope this is helpful. If not let me know… I hate wasting my time reading useless info. Don’t let me waste yours.


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  1. John

    Does anyone know if the filters for the z-pro and the P series are interchangeable? I thought I would do the same thing. Get what I can get for the adaptor ring and ten buy the filters a I can. I had a Cokin system for my 35mm yeas ago – great deal – was used had 150 filters several rings (I had to buy 1 for one of my lenses) picked it up for $50!!!! Some #$%^&*()(*&^%$#$%^ stole it so now I have to start over for my Digi.

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