Seattle – Day 2 & 3

So, the big plan for this trip was to get out camping somewhere. I’ve been out to Seattle a couple of times now, and the city is great, but it is still a city. Last year over Thanksgiving I was out for an extended amount of time and found myself really bored of city life. This time I was determined to stay busy. Also, with Justin coming out, I knew I would have a partner in crime no matter what we decided to do. So, we went out there knowing that we were going to try and go camping, but not really having a plan as to where and when. On Sunday (day 2) Justin and I stopped at REI and to try and gather some information concerning the different backpacking options in the area. Inside we were greeted by a woman that was extremely determined to help us and had a lot of great information. However, in hindsight, the trail she suggested didn’t meet the criteria that we provided. So, despite her enthusiasm I am going to have to give her 2 stars out of 5.

After all of the information gathering, we decided to tackle the Thunder Creek Trail in the North Cascades. That night when Eric got back into town we still needed to to some convincing and eventually he decided to take another two days off from work to come with us. The next morning we got up kind of early and headed into REI so that Eric could pick up some hiking pants and a pair of hiking boots. Then we got in the car and started driving. We only had two days to be out as Johnny had Wednesday and Thursday off and I wanted to be back to be able to hang out with him. Also, Eric was happy to go hiking, but I could tell that he was feeling like he needed to get back to work as soon as he could.

In the end it as a beautiful drive up into the mountains and the hiking we got to do was great. The colors were out and the temps were perfect. We ended up having to do a little hiking in the dark to reach our campsite, but it was all good. I like these little adventures. Yeah they’re a little lame, but we got out. We weren’t stuck back in the city wandering around buy overpriced coffee and wishing we were somewhere else. Also, the company couldn’t have been better and this trip is something that could easily be repeated on a weekend.

Anyway, you may have noticed that my picture taking has been a little sporadic. Lately, I’ve been struggling with whether or not to take my camera, and even sometimes when I have my camera with, whether or not to take it out and take photos. It’s not that I’m getting tired of taking photos, but I do feel that sometimes I get caught up in the image making and forget to enjoy the experience at hand. On top of that I want to start messing around with video and was using my little P&S to capture some different moments in order to have the raw materials to play with. So, as you will notice I didn’t take too many photos on the way to the Cascades or on the initial hike out. On the return trip I did decide to pull the camera out and that is why there are more images from our trip back to the car.

So… here are some images from the trip… Like Them!

Greg Out!

Can you say distraction?

Justin just couldn’t resist getting a coffee from a bikini clad barista...

Getting ready in the parking lot...

Creepy shot of Eric lit with my headlamp…

Home sweet home...

All I can say is that 3 guys in a 2 guy tent = warm...

Eric refilling his water bottles — the water here tasted awesome!

Self portrait… I never get to be in any of the photos

2 thoughts on “Seattle – Day 2 & 3

  1. Belinda

    You seem to be struggling with many of the same aspects I find myself involved in – digital manipulation (how much is too much?), and when to take the camera. Over the past few months I've also been choosing to leave the camera at home or in my bag. Friends don't always seem to understand, as I'll often see something and WISH I had my camera…but I hate the disconnect that happens once you start looking through the lens. And stopping to set up can be irritating to those I'm with if they're not used to the routine. It's nice to take 'time off' once in a while.

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