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Seattle – Day 1 & 2…

Typical photo from Kerry Park…

So, I’m back from Seattle. It is always a lot of fun out there, and this time it was especially fun because my friend Justin from Idaho made the trip also. I don’t often get to see him, and because I’m so bad at answering my phone… I don’t get to talk to him that much either. Anyway, the plan was to not have much of a plan. We knew that we were going to try and hang out with my brothers John and Eric, that we were going to try and go hiking somewhere, and that, if possible, we would try to fly down to Portland to visit Mari who was attending a conference.

On Saturday I flew into Seatac and met Johnny in the baggage claim area, he gave me a key and told me how to get to their place. Johnny was working a double so he had to go back to work and wouldn’t get home until around 7am. In the meantime, Justin picked me up and we headed into the city, found their place, and went to bed.

The next day Johnny had to work again, and Eric wasn’t due back from Grand Rapids until late. So, Justin and I decided to hit the city on foot. However, before that could happen we needed to get out of the house. Apparently, the place where John and Eric were living had been broken into a couple of weeks ago. The door had been kicked in and the door and frame had been broken. You’d think this would have been something to fix quickly. However, the landlord thought that the tenants should pay for it, while Eric and Johnny thought otherwise. In the interim, as a quick fix, the landlord had screwed the door shut. This meant that you had to go through the garage or squeeze around back.

Here’s Justin making himself smaller so we can leave the apartment…
How does Johnny do it?
After escaping from the apartment Justin and I headed towards downtown, stopping first at REI to get some info about backpacking in the Cascades and the Olympics and to look around. Unfortunately, there was a sale taking place and Justin was forced to pick up a few odds and ends. Below you can see a creeper photo of Justin and a freaked out check-out girl.

After REI we swung by Glazer’s Camera store… just took a look around, then decided that we were hungry and started looking for places to eat. We just happened upon Zeek’s, a pizza joint near the space needle. I had eaten here once before and started really craving their Thai pizza. I convinced Justin that this is where we needed to eat and we ended up getting the Thai Pizza and another one called the Cherry Bomb… both were awesome!
After lunch we continued downtown stopping for coffee near the Catholic Seaman’s Club… don’t ask… we didn’t. We then cruised through Pikes market as things were closing up, made a detour past the gum wall, then turned around stopping at the space needle before heading back to the apartment.

Approaching the Gum Wall...

Justin recently purchased himself a pretty nice dslr… the T1i from Canon, and he was looking for opportunities to use it. So, after resting for a little while we decided to jump in the car and go looking for a place to take a good photo of the city. You’d think that we would have just gotten on Flickr found some images of the city we liked and looked to see where they were taken. However, that’s not how we roll… so we just jumped in the car, fired up the GPS, and started driving.
The first place we ended up was off limits to motor vehicles and would have required some significant walking to get to where we wanted to go. The second place we ended up might have had a decent view if there hadn’t been a marina in the way. The third place we stopped had some good views… but wasn’t great. The fourth place we ended up didn’t have any good views, but the street the park was on offered a unique vantage point.

At this point we were rather close to calling it a night. However, many of the streets around this location continued to go up. So… what the heck… let’s see where they go… “Hey look, there’s another park up ahead”… “Kerry park..? Well, let’s check it out”.
What we didn’t know was that this was the place where everyone goes to take photos of the city. There were buses dropping people off with their cameras… it was pretty crazy, although not incredibly busy. Anyway, the view was pretty decent and we did take a photo or two. Below, after taking few photos of my own, I made it my mission to document Justin documenting the city.

After the photo excursion we headed back to the apartment and waited for Johnny and Eric to get home, then went to bed.
What happened next will have to wait… Seattle – Day 3&4 coming soon

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