Decisions… decisions…

So, I am getting everything together to head out to Seattle this week. I am planning on spending at least a couple of day backpacking in the Cascades or possibly in the Olympics. Nothing is set in stone… we’re planning on just winging it. I just hope this doesn’t backfire on us.

Anyway, I’m trying to figure out what photography equipment I am going to take and how I am going to transport it. I’ve been going back and forth and I think that I’m going to go with a minimal kit. I’ll probably wish I had a longer lens, or a tripod, or some other piece of kit… but what fun is that. If I did bring everything I would probably spend too much time switching out different items that I would miss out on many an opportunity.

So, here’s what I’m bringing:

– D300 w/out the battery grip

– 35mm f2.0

– 10.5mm f2.8

– well used 18-70 f3.5-4.5 – it’s a good carry around lens, small, and I don’t really care if it gets beat up

I’m not taking any kind of flash, support, etc… I’m just going to try and enjoy this trip and make due with these few items.

That’s it for now… next post will be after I get back and hopefully I’ll have a couple of decent shots to show off.


NOTE: The lead in photo has nothing to do with this post… I just needed an image to lead off and this was laying around on my desktop. So, Nelson… if you see this… this is the image I’ve been trying to get to you. You can click on it and download it at it’s full res.

One thought on “Decisions… decisions…

  1. lily

    Hey Greg!
    Your mom just clued me into your site. I'm just drooling over your photos!!!
    I consider myself a pretty good amateur photographer, but your images just blow me away!!!!!!
    One of these days I want you to teach me how to kayak. Your mom and I have talked about it but "life" keeps getting in the way.
    You are on your way to big things.
    Lily Zaidenworm Flanagan

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