My first assignment…

So, tonight after the photography club’s weekly meeting I was driving home and saw that the lights at the football field were on. It just so happened to be snowing at this time so I pulled over real quick-like, got out the camera and shot a few frames. Now, this isn’t anything special… but I thought it was interesting. Also, it has nothing to do with the title or this post.

What I am really excited about right now is an opportunity that recently presented itself. From what I can gather, Ryan Labar showed some images I took of friends surfing on Lake Superior to a friend at Bike Magazine, they then passed it on to someone else, and blah… blah… blah… they ended up on the desk of the editor for Canoe and Kayak and Standup Paddling Magazines. At this point it seems that Jeff Moag, the editor @ C&K, happened to be looking for images of people SUP’ing on Lake Superior and contacted me wanting to know if I had any . I didn’t, but I did get him the contact info of a couple of people that might.

From here I’m not to sure what happened, but the result was Jeff offering me the opportunity to go take photos for Canoe and Kayak at a kayak surf gathering on the Canadian shore of Lake Superior.

I accepted.

So… here I am. I don’t think this opportunity is going to generate a lot of money, but I do hope that it is a good experience. Actually, I know it will be a good experience. To be honest… I’m clueless as to how this process works and what better way to figure it out than to participate. Also, maybe I’ll get an image or two published in a national mag. How cool would that be… yeah pretty cool.

Anyway, I’ve got some ideas for unique paddling shots that I would like to try. Hopefully, they look as cool on the computer as they do in my head.

Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “My first assignment…

  1. Ryan

    I showed those surf images to one of the C&K guys who surfs here… he must have passed it on to his editor.

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