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Copper Harbor Trails Club Photos…

A little dampness on the way back to town…

So, we finally got some photos of the trails up in Copper Harbor. We’ve been trying to schedule this shoot for quite a while now. Every time the weather has been less than cooperative. This weekend the only difference was that we decided to go out anyway.

We were up early and made it to Copper Harbor just a little after 8AM. We woke Sammy up and he called Steve Peters who was interested in going for a ride and ended up being a great guide. We then headed up stairway to heaven to Here We Go, over to Garden Brook, then Whoop De Woo, and back to town. We stayed pretty dry for most of the ride, but on the way back down Garden Brook to town the temp dropped and we ended up getting a little damp. For the most part it was a pretty decent ride.

The light was decent, but a little low. Most of the images here were shot at iso 400 or 800 and at f2.8 or f4.0. I brought in a flash for the majority of the images to open up the shadows a little and to help freeze the action. Most of the images here were shot at 1/200 or 1/160. I know that 1/250 would be better for freezing the action, however using 1/250 would have dropped the ambient light more than I wanted. Also, a slightly slower shutter speed allows a little blur to creep into the photos giving a sense of speed. I suppose this is all a matter of taste, and I think they turned out pretty well. Anyway… in the past I’ve kinda punched the scene in the face with flash. Today I attempted to be a little more subtle. I wanted to open up the shadows, but not make it obvious that a flash was used.

Anyway, I hope the Copper Harbor Trails Club likes what we came away with. They’re doing a really great job with the trail system up there and I actually just got an email letting everyone know that the Copper Harbor Trails have been awarded “Epic” status by IMBA.

So, if you haven’t made it up to Copper Harbor to ride, I just want you to know that you are missing out.


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