Lake Superior Surfing – Great Sand Bay

Well, here are some images that I was really excited to get out and make. Over the last couple of days there has been a pretty substantial system that moved through the area. Forecasts were all over the place… everything from 30-70 knot winds and 18-27 foot waves. Anyway, my friend Sam decided it would be worth it to drive back from downstate just in case there ended up being any good surf. So, on Monday night after work, Mari and I drove up to Great Sand Bay to meet Sam, Beefy, Robbie, and one other friend.

When we got there I almost couldn’t believe how big the waves on the lake were. Some of them were easily pushing 18-20 ft and it became even more apparent once some of the guys got out there and and provided a point of reference.

Anyway, I want to apologize for the quality of the images ahead of time. Many of these were shot at iso 3200, f2.8, and around 1/60 to 1/160 of a sec. These settings don’t make for the best image quality. I’m just glad I came away with anything and that my camera still works considering the rain/sand/wind.

Also, some of these images have been cropped from a larger image. I was stuck on shore with a 200mm lens and could not get nearly as close as I would have liked. If anyone out there has a 400mm f2.8 they would like to gift me… I would definitely take you up on that.

Here are the pics from Monday night.

(click image for larger version)

After the session on Monday evening, Sam and I decided to return early the next morning to see what we could see. So, Sam picked me up at 6:30… well… it was probably more like 6:45 as I forgot to turn on my alarm and was awakened by the sound of my phone vibrating next to me. Eventually we made it back up to GSB and found that the waves had mellowed out quite a bit. They were still pretty big, but nothing like the night before. Sam got a couple of decent rides, but we had to cut it kind of short in order for me to get to work on time… sorta.

Here are some pics from the Tuesday morning session. I am now seriously considering getting a suit and board. This looks like a ton of fun. I just don’t know if I can justify it at this time. It’s really kinda of a bummer not getting to participate a little. Maybe I can borrow some stuff and giver a go.


One thought on “Lake Superior Surfing – Great Sand Bay

  1. bccarlso

    Good stuff! My dad and uncle have been surfing Lake MI for years, so I love to see lake surfing stories/pics. My mom took a fun one of my dad on a recent surf session:

    Anyway, it looks gnarly out there, bummed I missed it! (There's quite a bit of surfing that goes down in MQT near Presque Isle, if you ever venture down there.)

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