MTU Football vs GVSU – The Juskuz Experience

MTU Football vs GVSU

First off… we got our asses handed to us. I won’t even repeat the score here as usually numbers that high are only seen in basketball games.

Anyway, I’m pretty behind in some of my posting and in the next day or two there are going to be more images and less verbal dribble.

Today I spent the morning in Copper Harbor shooting one of the collegiate mountain bike races. I will post those images shortly, but as a heads up, they aren’t anything special. I’ve really been struggling to do something new with the race photos and haven’t been having the greatest luck. Anyway, those will go up shortly and we can continue this there.

After the MTB race, I was planning on just heading back to town and hanging with Mari. However, the weather had other plans. It had been overcast and grey for most of the day and I had written off shooting the football game this evening as the light was going to suck. As I was headed into town though, I noticed that the sky was clearing up pretty nicely. I then told Mari that I wasn’t going to hang out with her – still dealing with the consequences from that – and went to the game to see what I could see. I sweet talked my way onto the field (no press pass) and proceeded to take some photos.

Here’s what I came home with.

Hope you like.


John van der Laan doing his best to get the rest of the Huskies football squad pumped UP!

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