Collegiate MTB Race – Copper Harbor – The Juskuz Experience

Collegiate MTB Race – Copper Harbor

Not too much going on here. Thought the collegiate race up in Copper Harbor, hosted by Michigan Tech’s Cycling Club, would be a good chance to get out and play around with the camera and lights. I’m getting to the point with my race photography here in the Keweenaw that seems a little stale to me. I’m need to mix it up a bit more, and it always seems like I fall prey to an old habit – mixing on camera flash and slow shutter speed. I like it because it gives pretty consistent results and it is easy to do whilst walking down the trail as I only need to focus the camera for a decent result.
However, as consistent as it is, it doesn’t really do that much for me anymore. I can’t imagine that I’ve tapped all the possibilities around here… I think I just need to go do something else and come back to it with a fresh eye.
Cyclocross season is starting up… maybe that’s what I need?
Till then…

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