2009 Color Tour…

So, to tell you the truth I didn’t really plan on taking any images of the color tour this year. However, one of the cycling brochures that WUPPDR is responsible is getting ready to go to print and they were looking for a new photo that wasn’t Lori. There were three conditions for the images, they had to have a cyclist in them, they had to show off some of the bike facilities in the area, and they had to be generic.

The images needed to be in early this week and I thought the color tour would be the perfect opportunity to grab some shots that would work. Problem was that I had to work on Saturday. So, I grabbed the cam and headed down the Color Tour route until I found a long straightaway with a wide shoulder (bike facilities), and nothing but trees in the background (generic). Now just to wait for the Color Tour participants (cyclists).

In the end these were two of my favorites for the project. Nothing super spectacular, but both images have cyclists that are dressed like typical commuters, you can see the width and cleanliness of the shoulder, the smoothness of the newer asphalt, and in case you missed how wide the shoulder was the cyclists are riding two abreast. Hopefully, the people responsible will think the same.

That’s all I got.

Greg OUT!

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