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Astrophotography at Quincy Mine…

Well, it’s currently 1:30am, Mari and Lynner are watching a movie… well I think Lynner is sleeping. Anyway, I am not asleep yet so I just thought I would throw these up.

The Michigan Tech Camera Club set up a meeting this evening at the Quincy Mine to take advantage of the new moon this evening. On my way up to the mine I pulled over at this little pile of mine rock that overlooks the portage and snapped a couple of shots from there. You can see campus and the bridge pretty well. Not super interesting… so what.

The rest of the image are from up at the mine. There were a surprising number of street lights and other light sources that at first didn’t seem to be much of a problem, but it would be interesting to shoot somewhere they didn’t exist.

Well, enjoy the images. I think I’m going to go try and get some sleep.


It’s funny how throwing the image slightly out of focus helps draw your attention to the stars that make up the big dipper.

One thought on “Astrophotography at Quincy Mine…

  1. lynndro

    Greg. you are so cool. I love these. and I was just resting my eyes, for the record… 😉

    A ritual that i will probably repeat tonight..

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