Just wanted to drop a few shots from the weekend. Yesterday was our friends Erik and Linda’s wedding up in Copper Harbor. Congrats to them, it was a great time. The image at the end is from the evening at the lodge. I have a few more images, but I am going to post them separately.

The other images are from today. I was out playing around trying to get a good image of road biking in the Keweenaw. The problem was that I was by myself today and shooting and riding at the same time is pretty difficult. So, I broke out the old superclamp and magic arm to see what I could come up with. I really need to find some fresh pavement and wait till later in the day to get the quality shot I am looking for. Also, these new bikes with all of their specially shaped tubes really reduce the number of places where you can mount a camera. I’ll have to play around some more and try and figure out a better perspective. More to come.

The other images are just me driving around with the above rig mounted on the car. I had it with and it was ready to go, so why not… right.

Anyway, enjoy the images.


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