What a weekend…

This last weekend was pretty crazy. Lynn and Jason had friends in town, I had some friends in town, it was Fat Tire weekend so a lot of mutual friends were in town, I had a wedding on Saturday from 12-8, camping Saturday night at Montreal Falls, kayaking in Copper Harbor Sunday morning before the race, the Jr. Fat Tire at 12:30, the Big Kid Fat Tire from 2:00 till about 5:30, then back to Houghton to catch dinner with my friends, back home to so Mari could get some sleep, then breakfast on Monday, then photo editing time.

It’s good to keep busy, but sometimes I feel like I am missing out on spending some quality time with my wife and friends. Camping on Saturday night was fun, but I didn’t get there till after dark and we were up early to go paddling. And truthfully, paddling was the only part of the day when I felt pretty relaxed. The pictures here are from that short session.

An old friend of mine, Jenny Koskey… I mean Jennifer McCarty was in town with her new husband Mike. I hadn’t seen her in a long time and didn’t even know she was married until not too long ago. Anyway, I think they had fun out on the water, and it was good talking to them both. They are both really good people and seem like a perfect match. I wish them well and hopefully our paths will cross again at a time when we can actually hang out a little bit.

Anyway, enough of my yapping. Check out some of Jen’s pictures from the race above. She’s starting to get into photography and I think she is doing a great job already. Let her know, and everyone else for that matter, what you think of the images. Be honest… it’s good for us.


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