Fat Tire 2009…

Here are some teasers from the 2009 Fat Tire Mountain Bike Race.

This year we were able to scrounge up a couple of the other area photographers to help out with coverage. A big thanks goes out to Brockit Photography who was kind enough to lend us their sharpshooter Rebecca Forsell. I also need to thank Jennifer McCarty and Travis Pond, two independent photographers that were also kind enough to lend us their services.

Also, I can’t forget to thank Sammy and his crew for organizing this event. Not only do they put on an amazing event, but they bust their asses all year long developing and maintaining the trails that make this a “can’t miss” event.

Well, the images are slowing making their way online. Once they are all up you will be able to download a low resolution version for free, and purchase prints, or higher resolution images for a fee.

Visit the gallery here!


UPDATE: I’ve started uploading Rebecca’s images to the Course Gallery!

UPDATE: After a couple of hiccups images are now being uploaded into the “Course” gallery. Check them out!

UPDATE: I’ve added some of Rebecca Forsell’s images below, and at this moment images are ready to be uploaded to the “Fat Tire Course” gallery, but Smugmug is making some upgrades… hopefully later today I will be able to resume uploading images. (9.8.09 3:45pm)

UPDATE: More sample images, courtesy of photographer Travis Pond, can be found below.

UPDATE: Images from the kids race are finally being uploaded to our online galleries.

Images courtesy of Jennifer McCarty

Images below courtesy of Travis Pond.

Images below courtesy of Rebecca Forsell

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