Quick and Easy Outside Portrait

Just thought I would share a quick portrait that I made this evening for the Admissions department at MTU.

For this photo the admissions department wanted something similar to the portraits of their other staff members. Here you can see some of those other portraits – http://www.admissions.mtu.edu/apply/meet_the_admissions_staff

As you can see it is a relatively easy photo to take, and I just thought I would share the process in case anyone was interested.

At first we just needed to identify the location we were going to shoot. I picked a spot on campus that had a similar background to the sample photos that I was given. Then it was just a matter of dialing in the exposure. At this point I wanted to under expose the background so that the greens would be nice and saturated. I then planned to use a flash to bring up the exposure of my subject. Here you can see the three images that I took when dialing in the background.
Too dark…

Getting better…

Ahhh… there we go

Now to add the flash… I did leave out the one image where my flash was set a little high and the subject ended up over exposed. But here is the image we ended up with. Once we picked our location everything went pretty quickly. From setting up the lights to getting the proper exposure really only took about 10 minutes. Anyone with a flash you can fire off camera can get really similar results… just go out and play. This isn’t anything special, but it is something that I can consistently reproduce.
Hope some of you find this interesting. Until the next post… later.

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