Need a Headshot..?

I’ve been doing a lot of headshots this week. I suppose that is because Michigan Tech’s student photogs are all out of town. Either way I’m sort of enjoying it believe it or not. This afternoon I had the volleyball and hockey teams to shoot. In all I think I did about 50 headshots today. Anyway, here are a couple from the last two days.

So, if you or anyone you know needs a headshot for any reason… let me know. We can do something like you see here, or we can get more dramatic, or less dramatic.

You can think of me as your one-stop headshot shop.

Anyway – enjoy!

One thought on “Need a Headshot..?

  1. lynndro

    one stop headshot shop? Really? I think you need more sleep 😉

    PS. I like the last pic in the post from yesterday. neat effect, focusing on the water and all. you are so cool. but i still miss your wife.. 🙂

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