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Mari’s Birthday…

My wife, Mari, had her birthday on Friday. And, seeing as how I was stealing her away to Marquette to watch my brother race bikes, I felt I needed to do something special.

So, at 6:30 on Friday morning I woke her up and told her to get dressed to go paddling. She had been wanting to paddle a stretch of the Keweenaw shoreline north of Esry Park. So that’s what the plan was.

After paddling I had our friends Lynn and Mak secretly meet us at the Ramada for lunch. It’s wasn’t all that secret as Mari picked out their car the moment we pulled in. Anyway, lunch was pretty good and Mari got her’s for free.

After lunch we went home and fell asleep. We woke up just in time to pack and get on the road so that we arrived in Marquette with enough time to catch Zack’s first race.

I think things went pretty well.

Now what am I going to do next year…

One thought on “Mari’s Birthday…

  1. bccarlso

    Hey Greg, I didn't do too much kayaking while I was up there, but I did have the chance to do some paddling around the Apostle Islands in WI, and would definitely recommend that! We didn't even end up making it out to the best islands (a near-death experience and stormy weather, ugh), but the next day we did some paddling along the shoreline, and got to go through some really sweet caves. Anyway, cool pictures, looks like fun!

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