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Neil’s Wedding…

As I haven’t really been keeping up with the posts lately I am going to try and hammer out a couple of updates here in the near future. The first of which is my buddy Neil Christensen’s wedding.

Everything took place on the weekend of June 6th. We drove down to the Traverse City area to Crystal Mountain Resort. We made it just in time for the rehearsal and dinner. That night there was a little fire and then bed.

Saturday, we got up and headed into Traverse City to pick up our tuxes, flowers, and had lunch. Than it was back to the resort to get ready before pics, then the wedding, then more pics, then the reception.

The reception was nice. Good music, great food, and free booze. One of our friends ended up having a little too much (Mario) and needed a lift back to the room, and a babysitter the rest of the night… thanks Mari and Kristen for taking care of him.

In other drinking news, another one of my friends ended up losing something(one) close to him and had a little run around the resort in the pouring rain around 3am trying to find it(her). Little did he know that she just went out for a walk and returned shortly after he left on his journey.

Anyway, that the abbreviated version… and here are some pics.


You can see some more pics here

Mario not looking so hot…

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