Houghton Paddle Fest… – The Juskuz Experience

Houghton Paddle Fest…

Down Wind’s Paddle Fest took place this weekend. Yesterday I was stuck in the store all day. No biggie, but it wasn’t all that busy and it was pretty boring. Today however I was down at the beach.

Being down there is much more enjoyable. I really like talking gear with people and helping them learn more about kayaking and giving them the information they need to make a good decision. I really don’t consider myself a salesman in these situations. I honestly just try to give the customer as much info as I think they can handle and help them make a good decision. In this way I feel pretty safe in that they aren’t going to come back upset with something I sold them because, when I’m through with them, they feel like it is them that is making the decision.

Anyway, it was a good day. A lot of friends came down to paddle and socialize. Lynn and Mak each purchased new boats. I got to go for a mtb ride with a new friend Brett.

Not a bad day…

Well, enjoy the pics.


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