Wednesday Paddle Social…

Yesterday evening was one of those evenings where I’m glad I went, but at the time it felt like pulling teeth. I had exchanged some emails with John earlier in the day and the plan was to head out to breakers at 6:30. However, we left it kind of open to cancellation. Later after I got home a little later than expected, and dinner ended up being a little later than expected, and Mari didn’t get home till a little later than expected I was tempted to give John a call and cancel.

However, we didn’t. We threw the rack on the car, got the boats loaded, headed inside and shoved some food in our mouths, grabbed our gear, and headed out the door. Now, I should have expected this, but when we got to the lake the temp had probably dropped about 15 degrees. I hadn’t been thinking and all I had was a long sleeve hydroskin a.k.a – not enough. I ended up wearing mari’s sweatshirt over the top of it and the truth was that after we got going I warmed up pretty quickly.

When we started it was a little windy and pretty chilly. As we paddled a fog blew in and the wind died. As the sun set it made for some beautiful visuals. My little point and shoot wasn’t really up to the task, but I’ll take what I can get, and if I can’t get anything I will try to just sit back and enjoy.

I hope that you enjoy the pics. If anyone reading this has a kayak you should really consider coming out with us on wednesdays. I guarantee you that once you get up off your ass you won’t regret it.


Here is an image that Mari took…

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