Free Photography E-Book if you are interested…

3 thoughts on “Free Photography E-Book if you are interested…

  1. Neo; Min

    Hey there, is that really free?
    Can you post a link? So I could download it! By the way, I'm Saru. I'm learning about photography, and I admire those that can take good photo! I will bookmark your blog and check up your update! I hope that get the E-book to learn up some stuff! Thanks, if you're really giving up a copy of the E-book!

  2. Greg

    Well, this book is free in the sense that if you click on the preview above you can view the entire text online. I myself am not giving away a copy of the book. This is just something that someone else has made available and I am just passing on the goodness.

    Hope this clears things up.

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