Evening Exercise…

Ever since I returned from the Virgin Islands I have had a some trouble getting to sleep at a reasonable time. It’s not that I have a hard time sleeping… I just can’t seem to fall asleep at a normal hour.

So, the last two nights I have taken out the camera and played around a little bit with some star photography. You can see one of the images and a video that I made last night in the previous post. This evening I went up to the Quincy Mine to see what I could make happen.

Fortunately, there wasn’t a ton of light up there, and the light that was there was easily controlled. Also, it was nice that the north star lined up pretty well with the Mine Shaft. You can tell in the video as it is located at the point around which all the other stars rotate.

Anyway, while I took the images from the time-lapse vid with the D300, I put my old D70s to work and played around with the flash a little. Setting the white balance to daylight and using a purple gel I created the images you see here.

While sitting up there in my crazy creek, listening to my iPod I had a few other ideas about where to shoot and how to incorporate the lake and some other foreground elements. Stay tuned for some similar work later in the summer.


StarWarz2 from Greg Maino on Vimeo.

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