First attempt… time lapse star movement

So, this evening after getting back from Makela’s I decided to finish reading a couple of chapters of my book. However, while I was doing that I figured it would be interesting to see if I could set up my camera to capture the movement of the stars. This was more of a proof of concept type of deal. A first attempt to begin to feel out iso’s, exposure times, etc…

I think what I captured was pretty interesting. I think I will have to make some plans to do some more of this but with something a little more interesting in the foreground. That will be the next challenge… getting something else in the frame while keeping the exposure under control.

Anyway, there are some streaks in the movie below. I don’t know if they are shooting stars, airplanes, satellites..? However, they’re pretty neat-O.


Star Wars from Greg Maino on Vimeo.

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