Virgin Islands… – The Juskuz Experience

Virgin Islands…

Things started off a little damp…

So, I finally made it though some of the images I took while on vacation in the VI. Here is a quick visual tour of our week…


However, the sky cleared up and things ended on a good note…

This is where we stayed… Thanks Bill and Dina!

This was our home…

Cruz Bay on St. John

Some random beautiful place on St. John

Cinnamon Bay on St. John

Burger shack in Coral Bay on St. John

Coral Bay on St. John

Apparently, 2 liters isn’t always 2 liters in the VI

Our last lunch on St. Thomas

This is the boat that took us to the the good dive locations

Wish it didn’t have to end

St. Thomas from the air

Pattern in the water above the Bahamas

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