We’re Back… Kinda

So we made it back from the Virgin Islands. What a wonderful trip that was. I still have to sort through those images. Look for them in a future post.

Anyway, once we made it back stateside we had a day to spend with my family down in Jackson. We ran some errands with my mother, picked up a ton of sand, had one last lunch at the BBQ Shack before my uncle sells it, supervised my dad and uncle while they did some yard work, and watched my brother Pat coach his squirt travel hockey team to a win… whew!

It was a good day. Yesterday, however, did not go quite as well. First, we got on the road a little later than we wanted, then the car breaks down. Well… it didn’t really break down. It just started acting up. Seeing as how we had about 525 miles left in our trip we decided to call around to the VW dealers to see if they could squeeze us in. They could and we turned around and headed back to Lansing. $350 dollars later, a lost then found wallet and we were back on the road… now 3:30pm.

We finally made it back to Houghton around 1:00am. Just in time for Mari to grab some stuff from the office, unpack, do some laundry, repack, and sleep for a couple hours. This morning I then took her to the airport so she could fly to Syracuse to be with her Grandmother who could be doing better… our thoughts and prayers are with her.

Anyway, a crazy couple of days. Here are some pics from the homestead. I will have more from the VI and from my bro’s hockey game.


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