Graduation Here We Come!

So, it’s graduation time here again at Michigan Tech. This is the second time I will be graduating, and the second time that I will not be stuck sitting in one of these chairs waiting to grab a piece of paper that isn’t my diploma.

However, I will be here. I will be taking photographs for the university as an employee of Ladybug Digital. Also, my friend Jason Makela will be getting his hood. A little congrats goes out to him for that. Yeah, yeah… I know that he’s not “offically” done. But, I have faith that he will finish in the near future and that his hooding is one of those inevitable things.

Anyway, I was up at the SDC taking a look around the old organ that is up there. I will be taking some photos of the gentleman that used to play it all those years ago. While I was up there I thought I would take a few pics of the “getting ready” process and stitch together a quick panorama. Photoshop makes things so easy.

Well, good luck to everyone else that might be graduating. And if you would like to see a larger version of the image above, just click on it.

The full size image is too big to put online and expect a reasonable download time


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