Wend stuff goes right, and Wend stuff goes wrong…

I just wanted to mention two things pretty quickly.

First, I was informed today that an image of mine was chosen as Wend Magazine’s Friday Photo on their blog. This is some great publicity for me, and it’s just cool when you find someone that really likes one of your images. You should check out their site – www.wendmag.com. It’s a pretty cool mag. They offer online distribution which is awesome, and cater to the adventurous types.

Secondly, I want to reiterate how cool Twitter is. Not because I now know what Johnny had for dinner, or that Eric is getting ready to go for a run, but because I had a problem and twitter helped me fix it. I had a product that was giving me problems and complained about it on Twitter. Within a handful of minutes I had quite a few different people respond and their help fixed my problem. One, everyone that helped is awesome. Thank you. Two, this is why Twitter is cool. Personalized responses to questions and problems.


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