Practice is good for you…

Before image – found at –

The other day I had mentioned something about using other people’s images to practice on. This is something that I do when I’m bored, or sometimes when I’m browsing a photoblog I will see something interesting and get an idea. When that happens I just have to drop the image into Photoshop and see where my mouse takes me.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that you have to practice these things if you want to get better at them. Maybe you don’t shoot as much as you want to, or maybe your images don’t inspire your imagination, whatever the reason you need to experiment and develop your workflow, your process.

Using others images isn’t wrong as long as you give credit when credit is due. I for one enjoy messing around with others images. They provided one interpretation and now I have a chance to provide my own perspective. It’s great practice.

I encourage you to go out and shoot. Trip that shutter and when you get home grab five of the images, no matter how good or bad, and drop them into Photoshop. Now it is your mission to make each one of them more interesting. You can do whatever you want to them. In the end they can look however you want. The goal is to make it your own.

Here I have included a couple of images that I have recently “re-interpreted”.

I hope you like.


After image –

Before image – found on Flickr

After image –

3 thoughts on “Practice is good for you…

  1. lynndro

    I feel like you are talking to me with your blog posts… lol. I know I need to work more with ps and photo altercations!

    Nice post.

    I like the reit of img 1 more than 2… she looks kinda like she’s getting ready for a scary movie!

  2. Greg

    That’s the funny thing about these… neither version is right or wrong… they are just different. All I’m getting at is taking something that already exists and putting your own spin on it.

    As for the scary movie part… I was going for a darker feel with a little edge. Sorta the same ballpark.

  3. barefoot designer

    I’ve seen you do this several times … but how do you do it… the darker images? You did one with the mine shaft very similarly … is it filters?

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