Iso, White Balance, Bracketing…

Just want to throw this reminder out there… check your camera settings!

I forget to do it sometimes. Often I forget to turn the bracketing off and find myself wondering what’s wrong with my camera.

But during a portrait session… really!

This is not my photo below, I found it on a card that was in a camera I borrowed from work. The sad thing is that this image is representative of the majority of the shoot. All I have to say is check your LCD, then check your camera settings.

Fortunately, many of the problems with the above photo are correctable. Personally, I really find it useful to grab images from flickr, or anywhere for that matter, and attempt to “fix” them. This is a great way to test out your skills and develop a good eye. Anyway, this is my attempt at correcting the above image. I think it turned out quite well. However, I wouldn’t want to do this for a large batch of images.

Just something to think about.


If you are interested in what I did to fix the above image let me know on Twitter or FB.

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