Camera Obscura at Michigan Tech…

Anyone ever seen a picture taken from the inside of a camera? Well, that’s sort of what these are. I suppose that it really isn’t a camera as we did not expose any film in it. However, it is pretty much just a giant pinhole camera which you enter to view the image.

As soon as we decided to do this I started thinking about how I was going to take a picture from inside. Last night we got everything setup, but couldn’t actually do any viewing due to the lack of light. Today, though, was a different story.

I didn’t really know what to expect for brightness, but I pretty much nailed the exposure on the first try. I was using a D300 with a Tokina 12-24 at F4 iso 3200. My first exposure was 20 seconds and it came out pretty well. The back wall was a little dark, and in the end I ended up making my exposures at 30 seconds.

Well, the experience was pretty cool. It might not seem it, but if you get in one of these things without anyone else and lie down… you could burn a lot of time.

Enjoy the pics.


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