So, I realize that those of you who read this blog are probably getting tired of the oil/water images, and that you are probably looking forward to a time when I post something of substance again. Did I just say again… haha… You guys would probably be happy if I posted something with substance just once.

Anyway, I want to tell you that I’m done with this, however I don’t think I can. Today when I was walking to school the streets were wet and all of the color in the parking lots and in the streets next to the houses with piles of dead cars was out in force. I tried just ignoring it all, but I couldn’t I was compelled to pull out the camera and try and make something of it. Even if I just took a quick snapshot it didn’t matter. I just couldn’t NOT take the picture. I had to. I couldn’t walk past. What if I never saw another colorful splotch of oil again this spring? What then?

Do you ever feel that way? Maybe your thing is cooking, or maybe it’s drawing. What is your thing, and what types of things does it compel you to do?

Really. I’d like to know.

One thought on “Compulsion…

  1. Zack Maino

    My thing is cycling. It compells me to train all season for that chance that I might make the right split second decision and win a race. I blow off my freinds to ride….who am I kidding, I dont have freinds. lol

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