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Michigan Tech Tennis…

So, I had the opportunity to shoot the Michigan Tech Men’s Tennis Team this morning. Before today I had never shot tennis, nor had I ever imagined that I would want to. In the end it wasn’t all that bad, and I can imagine there being many great opportunities given a little more mobility and light. And that brings me to the problems with shooting at the tennis facility here at MTU… no light and no room.

Included in this post are some of the throwaways from today. Honestly, there weren’t that many that turned out well. The light in our tennis center seems ok, but to get a fast enough shutter speed (1/250) and s little depth of field (f5) I was required to push the iso on the D3 to 4000 or 5000. Don’t get me wrong, the D3 has great high iso performance, but that doesn’t mean no noise. And the noise that was there made most of the images a little soft for my taste.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to go back and shoot the women’s team. I calculated the depth of field on the D3 at 200mm at f2.8 with a subject distance of 40 feet and was getting around 2 feet of depth. So, based on this I am going to try shooting tomorrow at 1/400, 2.8, iso2000 or 1/250, 2.8, iso1250 to see which one gives me better images.

If I had to guess I would thing that the 1/400 at iso2000 is going to perform the best. This is because the D3 has very good noise characteristics below 3200 and the faster shutter speed should help reduce motion blur. 1/250 is fast, but not that fast. Either way it will be interesting.

Check back tomorrow for some comparison images.

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