NCAA Nordic Regional Championships…

So, this weekend when I should have been at home getting caught up with my homework I had the opportunity to take photos for the cross country skiing regional championships here at our very own Tech Trails.

The images that I came away with aren’t anything special. Honestly, I thought that I would be able to produce something a lot more interesting than what I got. I don’t know what it was. Maybe, it was because of the cold or maybe I was just sucking out this weekend. Either way the photos are just ok.

Before going up to the trails I did do image searches on Google and Compfight. I usually do this to help me identify those decisive moments. For something like XC skiing determining what those decisive moments are helps me determine where I want to shoot the race from, what types of shots I’m looking for, and what the typical XC race photo looks like.

What I want to do is establish a baseline, and then aim higher. However, this weekend I don’t know if I hit my target.

Anyway, maybe I’ll try and get out and shoot the Great Bear Chase this weekend.

That could be fun.


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