Senior Photo Session…

Here are some of the images I made at a recent photo session for a local senior. Personally, I think they are turned out alright. It’s always interesting for me going into one of these sessions. Taking someone’s portrait is actually much more difficult than it might seem. I find that it really takes a special person to be able to coax the subject out of their shell and get them to feel comfortable.

I’m grateful to the people that have allowed me to more or less practice on them. I am a ways from being able to call myself a professional, but I am slowly putting in my time and trying to take it all in.

Well, if anyone reads this thing let me know what you think. If this was your kid, or if these were your images would you be satisfied, or would you be expecting something different?

2 thoughts on “Senior Photo Session…

  1. Zack Maino

    I like them. Its probably the subject, but the last one doesnt provide enough contrast with his face. The face is too white.

  2. lynndro

    I agree with Zach, the bottom photo makes him look washed out. Otherwise, I like the ones in the jersey, the lighting and colors both look good and gives him kind of warm overtones…

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