Random Wanderings…

So, today it was decided that we were going to drive around and take some pictures of some stuff. We knew that Jason wanted to go see the train that is up behind Quincy, and Jill is collecting pictures of some of the old mining buildings in the area. Beyond that we had no plans.

We ended up going up to Quincy and wandering around taking pictures of whatever we found that was interesting. We then headed up to Carmelita’s for lunch, then to Mcclain state park to explore the ice, then to Lynn and Mac’s for some “Lengends of the Fall”, then back here for some ice cream, popcorn, and to watch “Burn after Reading”. I do have to say that “Burn After Reading” was one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time. I would definitely not recommend it to anyone. It’s so bad that it is not even worth watching so you can see how bad it is. Anyway, with that, I will leave you with some pictures from the day.


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