New Year’s Day Events…

So, for National Hangover day a few of us decided that we were going to go snowshoeing somewhere. Unfortunately, I hadn’t been included in the loop so when Lynn and Mac showed up to pick me up I was still in my PJ’s. However, with a little coaxing they got me to get into my wintery clothing and we grabbed my snowshoes, Jill and off we went. We ended up heading over to Hungarian falls as it is close, low commitment, and we did it last year. After snowshoeing for a while we ended up going out to lunch at the Ramada, and then to see Benjamin Button, and then back to Lynn and Mac’s for some more food and socializing.

The movie… not bad, but at the same time nothing special. If you are inclined to go see a movie it’s not the worst option out there, but if you wait to rent you won’t be disappointed either. Not really too much more to say about it.

Anyway, here are some of the pics from yesterday. (courtesy of Makela)


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