Guess What… Northwest Airlines Sucks!

So, guess where I’m at right now? Jackson… again. My experiences with Northwest Airlines over the last week or so have tempted me to swear to never fly during xmas ever again. Anyway, at this moment in time I’m not going to go into it too much. I just get so pissed off thinking about the poor inefficient way in which things are run. Not a single flight has gone as expected. On every flight boarding way delayed by at least an hour. Then after boarding the average wait time on the tarmac for my last three flights has been over an hour. It’s pretty crazy.

Anyway, wish me luck tomorrow. If I’m fortunate I should be back in the UP by sundown.


One thought on “Guess What… Northwest Airlines Sucks!

  1. mom

    Iknow how you feel!! It is amazing how inefficient the airlines can be not to mention non communicative!! From my point of view though, it was nice to see you on each end of your trip!! Hey! perhaps you should just PLAN on stopping in Jackson each way, eh?
    Happy New Greg. WE Love you and know the next year will bring positive changes to your life. CAnt wait to see what they are!!

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