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So… I went to the Gym.

So, today was pretty crappy out. When I woke up this morning the thermometer read 6.8 degrees out and the wind was howling something fierce. I went to take a look outside but found that the wind had plastered snow on the screen and that the outside world was completely blocked from view. So, I decided to make some breakfast and work on some of my last few projects for this semester. After a while I wasn’t enjoying doing school work any more so I started thinking about going skiing. However, I glanced at the thermometer again and it was still colder than 10 degrees outside. That’s when I made my plan to go to the gym. First things first though. I still need to get out of my house.

So, I put all my warm stuff on and headed outside. After a little over an hour the walk and the driveway were clear. I got the car going, ran some errands, changed and headed up to the gym. Now I have to say that lifting felt pretty good. I’m way weaker than I last remember, but I haven’t been up there in over a year. I think that I’m going to have to reconsider my routine as I have no endurance and end up wussing out early.

The important thing is that I went up there. That’s the first step. Now I just have to keep going up there. It would be nice if I could plan on either xc skiing, snowboarding, or lifting every day of the week. I know that’s never going to happen, but it would be nice if I could come close. Anyway, wish me luck. I don’t think that my arms are going to work tomorrow.


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