Winter Surfing…

So, the other day I ran into a friend of mine in a bar and he told me he was planning to head out surfing the next day. I said, “That’s crazy! You should give me a call so I can take some photos.” Anyway, he did decide to go surfing and I did go take some photos. Now, let’s think about this for a minute. It is December, and Sam wants to go surfing. The air temperature is less than 20 degrees, the water temperature is less than 40 degrees and the winds blowing at 20-30 knots.

Apparently, with the right equipment it’s not so bad. According to Sam the ice that forms on the outside of the suit in conditions like these actually helps to keep the body warm. It keeps water from getting in and adds to the windproofness of the suit.

Part of me wants to give it a go, but the other part of me thinks that it probably isn’t the best idea. I think I would like to try it out in milder conditions and then if the suit really is that good, give it a go in the winter.

Anyway, here are a couple of images I made the other day.


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