Nikon CLS to the rescue… – The Juskuz Experience

Nikon CLS to the rescue…

Here is a quick picture taken in Post Alley at the fish market in Seattle. My brothers and father were just coming down the steps and I thought it would be nice to get a quick shot of them. However, the spot at the bottom of the stairs where they were standing was quite dark and would require a little bit of light. So, I set my SB800 on remote, TTL, zoomed it out to 105mm and set it on a railing across from the stairs. I then set my exposure and made the frame. The resulting image isn’t anything special, but you can see the subjects and Nikon’s CLS made it possible and it didn’t take but a second to set up.

If you have a Nikon or Canon flash and haven’t yet played around with their wireless TTL systems you should really look into it.


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