Just need to rant a bit…

So, this might be one of those times when it’s good that no one really reads this thing. Anyway, I have been sitting here this evening working on a project using Adobe Flash. This is a program that is supposed to allow you to combine many different forms of media. You can create animations and then build animation upon animation to create an interactive environment that could be a website, a game, whatever… sky’s the limit. Anyway, the class I am in is no help at all when it comes to learning about this program. Now, I know that the class isn’t called “Beginning Flash”, but it does expect you to do the majority of your work using the program. So, you would think that there would be some instruction as to how to use it.

Well, I guess it’s not that we haven’t been shown somethings. It’s just that we are given examples and then told to follow step by step directions to create something. Well, guess what if you follow the directions you end up with something that is very similar to the person next to you, and you get some practice following directions. You don’t learn anything. I don’t know the how’s or the why’s. This is where my frustration stems from. I am paying a lot for this class and all of my learning is being done outside of class using resources that I had to pay for. This makes me wonder where my money is going and why am I doing this.

I think I should get a class or two for free next semester.


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