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Thing numero uno… I am going to be starting a new blog tentatively called Juskuz Photography Blog. Here I am hoping to do a little less rambling and a little more passing on of useful knowledge. This blog has existed for me to display my photos, talk about trips that I’ve recently taken, and bitch about stuff when I need somewhere to bitch. This new blog will have purpose. I will write about new equipment, new experiences, there will be tutorials, lots of stuff and it will all be photography related. Hopefully, this will also drive some more traffic towards my site and boost my search scores. Anyway…

Thing numero dos… today I stayed pretty busy. I had the opportunity to shoot the MTU Cross Country ski/running team photos. I ended up using an SB-800 and SB-600 mounted on lightstands and fired using Nikon’s CLS system. It’s pretty slick, and in the early A.M. the flash units provided the perfect amount of light. I probably could have raised the lightstands a bit to lower some of the shadows, but I’m pretty happy with the images. You can see one below.

After the XC shoot, I had class, then went to work at COMPASS, then it was off to K-day to make some more images. For the most part it was pretty blah… I’ve been to K-day before and I was out there in the midday sun. The shadows were pretty harsh for most of the time and using fill flash isn’t always the greatest thing when trying to take candid pictures of students who don’t necessarily know they are being photographed.

However, the ski/snowboard team came to the rescue. They had set up a rail to slide under some trees in the shade. A perfect opportunity to break out the flashes and get a little creative. Now, I’m using the term creative very loosely. Setting up two off-camera flashes at 45’s to the subject is not anything new… however, of all the other 50 or so cameras trained on the participants, none of them were doing it. So, here’s hoping that I came away with some photos that no one else took. That would make me happy. Oh, one thing… when setting up your flashes at the end of a ramp that people with snowboards strapped to their feet are sliding down, you have to assume that you equipment may be subjected to some abuse. Today, I had such a scare. The woman in the photos slipped in a way she apparently wasn’t expecting and face planted right on my SB-800… it was all good, but it makes you think. But you gotta take chances, if you don’t your images will show it.

Anyway, I also shot some images of the bike club. I attempted a similar flash setup, but the sun was too powerful to overpower and the bright light was interfering with communications between the flash and the camera… so I did the best I could with what I was given. I think they turned out alright.

So, if you are interested in photo stuff check out my new blog (link at top). And if you want me to take you picture all you have to do is shoot me an e-mail.


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