2008 Copper Harbor Fat Tire Mountain Bike Race…

This weekend was Labor Day Weekend and every year people come from all over the country to attend the annual Fat Tire Festival in Copper Harbor. If you haven’t heard of it you definitely need to look it up. Everything takes place on Sunday up in the Harbor. There is some incredible racing, awesome people, food, beer, music, and great times. Last year 224 people participated in the race. This year… 329 destroyed themselves the Harbor’s infamous trails!

I suppose I should congratulate all the racers out there. I know that I was feeling pretty miserable hiking around in the woods with all my camera equipment. I can’t imagine how all of you must have felt. Every one of you deserves a pat on the back. Good job guys and gals.

Also, lets not forget all of the people that help to make this event happen. There are quite a few and I don’t want to forget anyone so I’m not even going to try. I will mention a Mr. Sam Raymond though. He and his crew do an outstanding job maintaining the trails, developing new ones, and making everyone feel at home.

Well, I did take a lot of pictures. I think there are a few keepers in the bunch. I am currently in the process of uploading all 1300 images. Eventually you will be able to go HERE to view them all.

Check it out!

4 thoughts on “2008 Copper Harbor Fat Tire Mountain Bike Race…

  1. Greg

    I did make the shot by panning. The shot was made at 1/60 to get the motion blur in the background. And the foreground (rider) was lit with flash. That is why the background was blurred and the foreground looks frozen. The reason you cannot see much of a motion trail around the rider is because the ambient light was too low to register over the brighter background.

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