Superior Sunset…

So, last night Mari and I went out to Breakers to watch the sunset, and I wanted to take some pictures. I just like playing around with my camera. I also wanted a few more shots of the lighthouse. Anyway, the trip out to the north entry was pretty uneventful. On the way back we realized that one of your headlights was still out and decided to make a detour and pick up some new bulbs at the local Walmart… hey, it was late.

So, now we are on our way home from the store and just a block or two away from our driveway and what… police lights right behind us. We pull over and are kinda wondering if we were speeding… we weren’t really sure what the deal was. Roll down the window… “Ms. did you realize that you have a headlight out and both of your taillights are out…(bang on maglite, push button, bang on light some more)”

“Actually officer we did. We have the replacement parts right here in the bag… (pull out new bulbs).”

“Oh good then, it’s quite dangerous to be driving at this time without lights. Looks like I’m having some problems with my light as well… take care of those lights… goodnight.”

Never a dull moment in Houghton

Enjoy the pics…

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