Day 10,223…

Not too much going on today… But, there were a few things that I thought of that some of you might find funny.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a gesture existed that was more easily identifiable than the fist shake, something like the age old finger, but not quite as derogatory. How often do you want to communicate to someone that they probably shouldn’t be allowed on the road, or say how sorry you are that they have such a low IQ. Today, it seemed like those opportunities were everywhere.

Sometimes, especially when driving, I don’t necessarily wish to communicate with the vehicle operator, but with everyone else. Wouldn’t it be cool if there were Yelp-like application for your phone that you could use to rate drivers. Say you’re in Houghton and someone cuts you off… grab your phone, punch in the area code, the license plate #, a rating of 1-10, and possibly a short description of the event. This is something that would actually make me feel a ton better. Not only do you get to vent some of your frustration, but you are actually bettering the world by warning others. I think this could be the next big iPhone app. Who knows… maybe this is how I make my millions!

Oh! And what about overly courteous drivers? I hate it when you pull up to a 4 way stop and one of the other people, trying to be nice, waits so that you can go first. I just don’t get it. Sure maybe it comes from a good spot, but what is always the outcome. I don’t know if I should go… waiting… maybe I should go… start rolling forward… oh wait their going, BRAKE…(they stop now also)… should I go now… waiting… I’m going, start going… they start moving… BRAKE again… WHY?!! Why can’t people just do what they are supposed to do. If it is your turn go. Being nice screws up the system and causes all sorts of problems, generates frustration, feeds road rage, and just isn’t safe. It’s not like there is an easy way to communicate between cars, so trying to be nice means not doing what you are supposed to do and everyone ends up confused.

Anyway, Lynn and Mac invited us over for dinner and a paddle this evening. That went well and was a good time. I did snap a couple of pics, but it was getting dark and everyone was backlit… so I played around a little.

So, just remember… don’t be nice, just do what you are supposed to do and everything will be alright.


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