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POV Camera Shots…

Went for a long ride today with Trippy, then out for lunch, then sat around here responding to a bunch of e-mail. Eventually, needed to go play with my camera some more. Well, the D300 has an interval shoot function, that while of limited use, allows you to experiment with some pretty cool stuff… like today.

Long ago I purchased something called a sticky pod so that I could take pictures and video while kayaking. It consists of a couple of aluminum rods, a couple of ball heads and a base with suction cups. Now, if I take the rods and ball heads (sounds dirty huh?) and combine them with a bogen superclamp you can create a camera mount that attaches to a bike. Then you set your exposure, adjust the focus, go into the interval shoot menu and press “ok” to start taking pictures. And these are what you might get.

The mount wasn’t all that stable and didn’t dampen the vibrations from the road very well. Also, I wouldn’t trust this rig at more than a couple of miles an hour. In the future I plan to pic up a magic arm from Bogen. Hopefully, that will allow me to keep the mount out of the field of view and provide a more stable platform from which to take pics.

Anyway, enjoy… these were my favorites… there were a lot of bad ones.

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