Feels good to go paddle some H20… – The Juskuz Experience

Feels good to go paddle some H20…

First… here are some more pictures from the trip to Europe. All of these are from Paris and the Paris Underground system.

Anyway, got to go paddling this evening. A friend, Jeff Johnson, is in town and I found out that he is trying to get into whitewater kayaking. Seeing as how he is now living in West Virginia, he’s in a pretty good position to do just that. Anyway, he’s got the whole kit, but he’s been having a hard time finding people to go with and trying to teach himself the skills he would need. Anyway, long story short, we decided to go paddle and work on his roll.

Longer story shorter… not only did we get him rolling, but he was rolling so well that we actually had to put some effort into learning how to not keep rolling all the way over. In the end, he was rolling like a champ and I believe that with a few more hours of practice he’ll be ready to take on some easy whitewater.

After the short roll session we decided to go for a quick putz around. It rained a little, we chased down a runaway boat and tied it to something, watched a parade, and saw a double rainbow… all from the yaks. Another great night in Houghton.

Note: In the last three times I’ve been paddling I’ve witnessed five rainbows… wow!

Mari waiting as the train speeds past…

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